It all started when…

Nour, an entrepreneur from a little place called Beirut, came back from a marketing conference in Las Vegas. After speaking with over 25 multi-million dollar business owners, he noticed a pattern that was so prevalent he couldn’t ignore it: Nearly every single successful brand allocated the biggest portion of their budget to influencer advertising.

This comes as no surprise. With everyone focus on influencer marketing, the brands that are making the real money are looking into leveraging influencers with Facebook Ads, because that’s much more scalable.

Influencer advertising is not a trend like influencer marketing. You can instantly leverage an influencer’s social proof and credibility, and use what they’ve spent years building instantly.

And so Nour, who’s been in the industry for over 8 years and has generated millions of dollars in revenue for businesses around the world, decided that influencer advertising will be where he’ll put his time and money. And that’s where you should too.

From that, Influencee was born, an agency that focuses on helping businesses scale up and supercharge their Facebook Ads ROI, while still maintaining profitability.

Today, we are based in the beautiful city of Beirut, and we work with companies around the world to help brands achieve their full potential.